Above, a Marlin in 45-70, should this be classed as a rifle or is it some sort of shoulder mounted cannon? The spent bullets make excellent fishing sinkers.


Speaking of things that make a loud noise, left is a Weatherby in 7mm Rem Mag

A half day shooting 3 round strings for load development with a broken hand equals dedication, but hey, needs must. The favoured load ended up being a 154gr Hornady SST, driven by a warmish charge of 2217 powder at 3070ft/sec. Later in the year this combo proved to be pretty effective on deer.

It should be mentioned that neither of these rifles are really suitable for MMSRC comps. During practice days, some latitude is allowed for shooting 'other' firearms.

Left, a favourite bunny outfit. Metallic silhouette and Field Rifle events are a great way of skilling up or maintaining proficiency, especially if you can't get out regularly to hunt. The owner uses his favourite 1959 model 2 Brno 22lr in competition just as it is, then carries it into the field seeking ferals when he can. This is the same rifle his grandfather taught him to shoot all those years ago but it still wins competitions. There is no real need to lay out big bucks on a rifle for silhouette or field rifle, what you have in the safe is a good start.

During rimfire (22lr) 'field rifle' competitions, you'll find shooting from an unsupported, free standing position at a small paper target 50m distant a bit more challenging than you think. But when you get it dialled in, the results can be very satisfying.

The first hurdle for new comers is to get all ten shots into the rings. Once you can consistently manage that, you're on your way and those champagne days are just around the corner. This group is just on the better side of medium for a typical club day. The good news is that 22lr makes cheap rifle feed, so a day out will not break the bank.




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