Monarto Metallic Silhouette Rifle Club Range Rules
Safety is the responsibility of everyone on the range. Breaches of these rules must be reported to the committee ASAP and may incur removal from the range, counselling and/or other disciplinary action.
1. No shooting is permitted unless all red flags are flying as required.***
a. One on the left end of the 500m mound
b. One on the right end of the 200m mound
c. One at the pedestrian gate between ranges 4 and 5
d. One at the main entrance gate to MMSRC, adjacent to the clubrooms
2. No shooting unless at least two adult financial members are in attendance.
3. All persons on or near the firing line must pay attention to and obey all orders given by the Range Officer. (A range officer must be appointed at all times when there are two or more shooters using the range and must be easily identifiable by the wearing of distinctive clothing, hat or badge.)***
4. Ear and eye protection should be worn at all times when on or near the firing line. Failure to do so may affect any claim made in regard to an incident where injury might have occurred.***
5. All firearms to have actions open and magazines removed (where possible) when moving around the range. Barrels must be pointed in the air, except break action firearms.
6. When on the firing line, muzzles must be pointed down range.
7. It is the responsibility of all shooters to check that the range is clear before firing.
8. If range 5 is in use, nobody may proceed beyond 100m on range 4, unless a cease-fire is coordinated with the range 5 Range Officer. Ranges 1, 2 & 3 may be utilised without restriction.
9. No one to move forward of the firing line unless a ceasefire has been called, everyone is behind the safety line, and the Range Officer has given permission to go down range.
10. No handling of any firearm is permitted on the firing line while there are people down range.***
11. All firearms must be checked and cleared by a person other than the shooter before they are permitted to be taken from the firing line.***
12. No shooting at unauthorised or ad-hoc targets.
13. No cross firing. You may only shoot at the target directly in front of you.
14. All targets must be placed so that spent projectiles will impact directly into the mound. No shooting at anything which may cause ricochets.***
15. For centrefire rifle shooting:
a. No shooting that results in projectiles impacting the interim mounds on range 4
b. Paper targets can be used on range 4 but only with field rifle posts and frames ensuring projectiles impact into the 200m mound.
c. On the 100m mound on range 1, the rimfire silhouette stands must be protected prior to shooting centrefire
16. Full Metal jacket projectiles are permitted. Bullets or calibres that cause damage to any Silhouette targets or swingers will be banned.
17. Rimfire Silhouette targets can only be used for Rimfire Silhouette matches and practice, utilising 22lr only. Air Rifle Silhouette targets can only be used for Air Rifle Silhouette matches and practice, utilising air rifles only.
18. Shotgun shooting is only permitted from Ranges 2 & 3, with left and right of arc bounded by the 200m point on the outer edges of Ranges 1 and 3. Max load of 28g and shot size pellets between 7 & 9.
19. No attempt is to be made to remove a stuck live round on any SSAA range. The firearm is to be made safe and removed from the line and the range. It should be taken to a qualified gunsmith for the removal of the round.***
20. All firearms should be secured adequately while not being used or under the direct control of the owner, Range Officer or delegate.***
21. All persons who come to the MMSRC range must sign the attendee book. This includes members, visitors and non-shooters. Visitors and Non-members must also complete the Visitors Book and this must be witnessed by a Club Member.
22. Visitors are only permitted to shoot at MMSRC on programmed range days.
23. Members wishing to shoot on non-program days on weekends and on any week day whether programmed or not must contact the relevant officer as per the MMSRC website. One member must undertake the duties of Range Officer. The range may be used by other clubs and events not listed on the schedule, on both weekends and weekdays
24. .338 Lapua Magnum, Barrett .416, Steyr .460 and .50 BMG are not permitted to be fired on this range by order of SAPOL.
25. In the interest of safety and good public relations, camouflage clothing, thongs and sandals are banned on the firing line.***
26. Absolutely no alcohol is permitted within the firing line area. No consumption is to be permitted for any person who is intending to shoot later on the same day. No person who is adversely affected by alcohol or a drug is to be permitted to handle firearms or to shoot.***
August 2016
The rules marked *** are SSAA(SA) rules



Strict adherence to these rules is mandatory, no exceptions